UFC Fight Night Predictions and Betting Guide: Damian Grabowski vs. Chase Sherman

Damian Grabowski (20-4) vs. Chase Sherman (10-3)

I saw a public proclamation by MMA journalist Adam Martin stating that Chase Sherman is the #1 pick for the weekend’s card on Draft Kings. Now, I’m not sure if that’s because of the value that you’d get for what you spend, but Mr. Martin is not the only journalist who seems very confident in Sherman. The only reason I can think of for such confidence is due to the LACK of confidence in Mr. Grabowski.

I created this page to say what other MMA journalists cannot or are too afraid to say. And a big reason why they may lack confidence in Grabowski is because he has looked like total shit in his only two UFC outings. Grabowski boasts many years of experience and is a high-level submission grappler, but if his last two UFC contests are any indication, the 37-year-old heavyweight is on the swift decline at the worst possible time.

But here’s the thing, Chase Sherman is 1-2 in the Octagon, and though that one victory was a classic barnburner against Rashad Coulter, let’s be honest, he hasn’t looked that great, either. Mr. Martin goes on to say that Chase Sherman has star potential. Based on what exactly? One Fight of the Night against someone making his UFC debut? Of all the heavyweights that could be a rising star, why proclaim a fighter with an under .500 record as someone with star potential? This is a very questionable statement at best, and can only be based on Sherman’s appearance, because it sure as hell isn’t based on his 1-2 appearances in the Octagon.

What we have ladies and gentlemen is a fight where the fighters boast a combined UFC record of 1-4, and yet this is a televised bout. Meanwhile, Burgos and Kennedy – two undefeated fighters, as well as Wade/Perez are on Fight Pass.

Perhaps the scheduling is meant to try to boost Fight Pass, but it is also….to Mr. Martin’s point…probably meant to begin pushing Chase Sherman by feeding him an aging fighter who has been KO’d in both trips to the Octagon and making sure the world will be watching. I am willing to bet that with a KO over Grabowski, Sherman’s next fight will make it to a main card. Hopefully, if Sherman does get a major push, he earns his way with more impressive performances. However, Sherman just happens to be in the toughest division to do that. So whatever “star power” he may have might just blow through Grabowski, but it might not be able to hold up the crushing weight of a very top-heavy division.

As for who will win, Grabowski hasn’t shown anything in the Octagon to put faith in him, but he didn’t make it to the UFC or go 20-4 by luck. It’s simply a question of will Chase Sherman join the list of men who knocked him out, or will his star power fade before it got to be turned on, by being submitted by the Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt?

I’ll tell you one thing. If you think this is a sure thing or even one of the best bets of the night….you’re wrong. Although I do pick Sherman to win, I’m not betting on it.

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