UFC Fight Night Predictions and Betting Guide: Kyle Bochniak vs. Jeremy Kennedy

Kyle Bochniak (7-1) vs. Jeremy Kennedy (10-0)

Kyle Bochniak Keys to Victory:

Kyle Bochniak has shown an ability to stuff takedowns even when met with deep shots. Should he succeed in stuffing what is an almost guaranteed Jeremy Kennedy takedown attempt(s), Bochniak will then need to mix up his striking, instead of relying too heavily on his right hand. The more predictable Bochniak’s offense, the easier it will be for Kennedy to time his offense and shoot in for a takedown. Bochniak will also have to change his approach from being an aggressive-neutral fighter to a more aggressive fighter. Because the more he waits, the sooner Kennedy will use his speed advantage to close the distance. Bochniak’s best bet is to get a TKO stoppage or to manage to stay off the cage and outbox Kennedy. Neither will be an easy task.

Jeremy Kennedy Keys to Victory:

There is still in many ways an open book on Kyle Bochniak. He made his UFC debut on one week’s notice and then went on to have a decent showing against Enrique Barzola scoring a controversial split-decision victory against El Fuerte. But one thing seems pretty clear: Kennedy is faster both with the hands and in general, which will afford Kennedy many takedown attempts. Kennedy’s biggest key to victory is to grind it out on the cage even if he can’t finish the takedown. Kennedy’s hand-speed advantage should grant him entry to close the distance and either dominate Bochniak on the mat or grind it out on the cage.

If Bochniak does win, chances are it will go the distance. Each of these two fighters’ UFC fights have gone the distance and looking at their styles, this will most likely be another one. I personally feel that Jeremy Kennedy is quite possibly the best bet on the card, and that -245 puts him at the best value….but if you don’t want to take on that, then at least take the over which sits at -280, as this is perhaps the most likely of all fights on the card to go the distance.

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