UFC Fight Night Predictions and Betting Guide: Lyman Good vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Sanotos

Lyman Good (19-3) vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos (16-5)

I’m not betting on this fight. I feel both fighters are a bit unpredictable as far as which version will show up, and those are the last fights that I bet on. If I’m Elizeu, I keep my distance and use my wide arsenal of strikes, featuring kicks, to hurt Good or outpoint him to a decision. If I’m Good, I conserve my energy and pick my shots to the same two aforementioned end. Both fighters definitely have the ability to finish the other, though, but something tells me it will go to a decision.

The odds are close with this one, understandably so, with Good set as the -190 favorite. Good does have a power advantage, a better record, and looked more impressive in his last outing. But in reality, this fight could go either way. I see this fight as either being a disappointing dud for the fans or a Fight of the Night Contender. I have a feeling it will be the former, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I’m wrong.

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