UFC Fight Night Predictions and Betting Guide: Patrick Cummins vs. Gian Villante

Patrick Cummins (9-4) vs. Gian Villante (15-7)

The fact that a 9-4 fighter is ranked #12 in the world and is on the main card goes to show just how top-heavy and narrow the lightweight division really is.

This fight is pretty simple to break down. Either Cummins takes Villante down and lays on him for three rounds, or Villante knocks Cummins out, likely within the first half of the fight. Since Villante also has a wrestling background, albeit not at the collegiate level, and since Cummins has not proven to be able to take down ranked opponents at the ease as the unranked ones, odds are Villante will score the knockout victory. -165 is pretty good odds for taking Villante…..but I am staying away from this one as well, because both fighters are inconsistent and though I don’t believe it will happen, I can visualize a scenario where Cummins survives round 1, and then is able to utilize a grappling heavy gameplan to a split decision.

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